What is Disney bounding? Plus, 5 ways to Disney Bound casually in jeans and a tshirt!

If you have no idea what DISNEY BOUNDING is then this blog is just what you needed.

I too just recently found out what Disney bounding is. Basically, it's an outfit you create that portrays the colors of your favorite Disney character.

For example :

WINNIE THE POOH - think yellow top and red jeans.

ARIEL - think purple and green pieces.

MARIE from Aristocats : Pink and white outfit combination.

It is a way to dress up as an adult without being in the actual characters costume which is actually not allowed in the Disney parks unless you are a child. 

I just learned this whole bounding concept. It actually started in 2020 when I partnered my casual boutique with a graphic designer who has a Disney niche. We started creating bounded looks around the park for her members to use with her designs and I just fell in love with the whole concept. She has the most amazing crafting membership. Check her out here if you love to craft ALL THE THINGS!  https://www.auntietaymember.com//?ref=tiffany

I saw so many fun frilly looks when scouring the internet....from beautiful tutu dresses to high heeled looks in the park, but knew I would never truly wear those pieces out and about in the magic kingdom. Like how would we ride space mountain in a dress or walk 20,000+ steps for a day in the park in heels?

So, alongside beloved Disney inspired crafter @auntie_tay we collaborated to put together an amazing colored collection of Bella Canvas blanks as well as 100% white polyester blanks in several styles to rock around both Disney and California Adventure parks.

We specifically carry these Boutique branded blanks for her members to craft on using her amazing designs -and/or- the everyday woman shopping our casual boutique who wants a high quality basic tee to rock blank and build onto.

We style these bounding looks with our favorite Judy Blue and KanCan denim jeans creating an effortlessly casual look you won't just look cute in at the park BUT will also feel comfy in and wear in everyday life too.

We paired these Two Wild Roses Boutique outfits with your favorite Auntie Tay ear designs and the looks featuring glasses were handmade by Jess from Pixie Dust Cups who hand blinged each pair of sunnies in Auntie Tay bling. It totally elevates these Disney looks adding an element of sparkle us woman can appreciate.

Let's get into some FABULOUS BOUNDED LOOKS!


 Photographed above: Auntie Tay designed Star wars inspired ears, Oceanside Oatmeal tee, Judy Blue slim fit high rise light wash denim. Pair with your favorite (and most comfortable) shoes for an effortless Galaxy Edge fit.


Photographed above: Auntie Tay inspired Jack Jack cookie ears, Two Wild Roses Boutique medium youth 100% polyester sublimation t-shirt and red denim.

Pinterest Idea Pin above with 10 different looks, ideas and styling tips that elevate the casual outfits to infinity and beyond. 

Photographed above: Cars Land look featuring our 100% polyester sublimation t-shirt - looks cute solo OR can be used to add your favorite sublimation Disney design (we recommend checking out https://www.auntietaymember.com//?ref=tiffany for tons of sublimation files) 

Why are we known for this particular white t-shirt? These particular tee's are naturally hypoallergenic, holds its shape well, doesn't shrink, durable with moisture wicking capabilities for those hot summer days in the park! BONUS! If you are apart of the crafting world SPECIFICALLY into SUBLIMATION PRINTING  it is hard to find a soft-as-cotton 100% polyester blank which we have found! Ours are tried and true, but don't take my word for it...check out our reviews. 


If you made it this far thank you so much for taking the time to read my VERY FIRST BLOG! It means the world to me. If you liked any of these looks we are always adding more from the parks and you can follow us on all social platforms! 

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