about me and my wild rose -

'Two Wild Roses Boutique' began as a creative outlet after exiting a toxic relationship. I wanted to regain for myself and my daughter, my identity and independence, that was stripped away over the years.  My little business was something that was solely MINE, which was a new and liberating experience for me.  I named my boutique 'Two Wild Roses' because it is what I think of when I picture me and my sweet Emmy. Just us girls, wild at heart. Roses, because even though they do have a few thorns, the love they represent and of course, their beauty, outweighs the roughness that can be seen on the surface. I put much thought into the name and it means a great deal to me. It represents who I am and where I came from. 

Over the years I have first handedly observed my business and what it does for women. They leave feeling good. They leave with a smile, they leave happier than they walked in. That is of course, the goal. Clothes are more than just stitching and fiber; they are an extension of who we are. They represent what we love and stand for. They give us power and feeling deep within. Two Wild Roses gave me a purpose beyond my wildest dreams and today it gives other women a sense of liberation and happiness just by slipping on something that makes them feel (and look) good. First it begins within, and then, exudes outwardly.